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Improved Symptom Severity

If therapeutic support is helping, you should notice a positive change in how you are feeling about the issues you are addressing. The problems themselves may not disappear but how you feel about them should improve through a short period of time. There should be a sense that life is getting better and you feel more equipped to tackle the stresses that in the past have gotten in the way, and or in some instances have even led to destructive or counterproductive behavior(s).

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Better Life Functioning

Ability to perform normal daily activities required to meet basic needs in the area of relationships, family, work and community

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Self- compassion; having the ability to be mindful of ways of coping with pain and suffering by showing kindness, care and concern towards the self, all in manner that adopts a growth mindset.

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Strong Interpersonal Relationships

Supported through extensive research in mental health, persons who have strong relationships with friends, family and within their extended community experience improved psychological health and well-being.

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Strong Support System

Having a strong support system is correlated with positive benefits which include, a good sense of well-being, better coping skills, and longer healthier life. A strong support system has also been proven to reduce depression and anxiety, as well as reduce overall perception of stress in a person’s life.

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Strong Relapse Plan

A relapse plan is an important component of good therapeutic treatment and part of managing emotional health for the better, long after treatment has been provided. As such, relapse prevention is about monitoring and identifying your early warning signs and their triggers, as well as developing an effective and proactive plan of action to prevent relapse and or especially minimize its effects.

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