Located in Pennsylvania, where the spirit of the underdog thrives, we at Restoration Wellness are inspired by stories filled with resilience and victory. We believe in the incredible power of the human spirit to conquer challenges, against all odds. Rocky Balboa perfectly symbolizes this belief. He embodies local pride and Philadelphia's resilient, gritty essence, showing us all how to achieve greatness despite challenges. His tale echoes the city's story of resilience and renewal, cementing his place in Pennsylvania's heart.

Our philosophy is deeply connected to the unique journeys of Pennsylvanians, recognizing the varied challenges that mold us. We warmly invite you to embark on a path of healing and empowerment with us, celebrating the underdog spirit that lives in each of us.


We are a group of committed licensed mental health professionals providing high-quality mental health services rooted in science, compassion and individual respect for each person in our care.


Delivering compassionate, competent and skilled mental health care to our community, one person at a time.


We are our local community’s trusted partners in improving positive behavioral health outcomes in the field of behavioral health.